Toyota Invests $400 Million in

According to Associated Press, has raised USD 400 Million from Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM) to push autonomous driving development.  The collaboration will expand both company’s in the mobility services segment.  Previously the two companies agreed to a business partnership back in 2019.  Joint efforts will increase in autonomous driving technology and mobility service development. The total amount funded adds up to USD 462 Million and values at over USD 3 Billion. has raised over $720 million to date.

This continues the trend of crisp .ai domains securing hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. is not alone in raising substantial fundraising volume from investors.

Here is just a sample list of other organizations that have raised 8 figures or more from investors so far:

CompanyTotal FundingWebsite
Argo AI$3,600,000,
Pony AI$726,000,
Graphcore AI$460,000,
Fractal AI$325,000,
Benevolent AI$292,000,
Vectra AI$222,540,
Zest AI$217,000,
AI Silk$69,174,
Lucid AI$60,075,
Shield AI$48,144,
Omni Ai, Inc.$45,000,
Kindred AI$44,000,
MindBridge AI$42,300,
Stradigi AI$53,000,
Boost AI$40,000,
Electric (Electric AI)$37,250,
Ever AI$29,000,
Medicus AI$27,601,
Mighty AI$27,250,
Spacemaker AI$25,000,
Skyline AI$25,000,
Nightfall AI$20,300,
Untether AI$20,000,
Precision Health AI$20,000,
Deep 6 AI$17,000,
Qure AI$16,000,
Lily AI$14,500,
Finn AI$13,897,
Determined AI$13,600,
Tara AI$13,000,
Flamingo AI$12,729,
Tempo AI$12,500,
Got-It AI$12,475,
Passage AI$10,300,
Clarity AI$10,257,

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