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New .ai domains for sale

.ai’s aren’t just the future: they’re the present. They are here to stay.

Companies like have raised over $200 million dollars for their ventures. Brex research also shows that companies with .ai domains raise 3.5 times more money than their .com counterparts.

Here are some of the .ai’s in our portfolio below.

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What’s in a succinct brand?

Why am I doing this? Because I’ve seen the benefits of the rebranding first-hand. 

Originally, I went by the name, which I eventually sold since it sounded like a typical startup name.

When people asked what I did, that was the end of the conversation.

Then, when I rebranded to a 4 letter name, 1GTM, people instantly took what I did more seriously.

The truth is, so much is packed into a domain name that it’s almost unfair.

(Me, sifting through thousands of domains to find the right brand.)

At conferences, people instantly reacted to the new brand with “Oh, nice name!” or “Oh have I heard of you guys?” upon hearing it.

It changed the entire conversation, for the better.

For sales, a great brand will let companies work upmarket and sell into midsize/enterprise companies with more credibility.

The same goes for influencing top-level talent to join your team.

The same goes for garnering press.

And recruits.

And customers.

Any yes — even you. A great brand will influence your own frame of mind.

In reality, there are only a few ways to influence stakeholders:

•Word of mouth,
•Case studies,
•Shared connections,
•A consultative team,
•Years in operation…

But a simple name delivers immediate credibility, all in one fell swoop.

That is an absolute superpower for a fast-growth company.

A succinct brand profoundly changes the way people interact with your company.

For the better.

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